My Story Before I Become A Successful

Back in June 2016, I was jobless and trying to find anything that I could be applied. I was very depressed that time. I couldn’t buy anything. I wanted to eat in a five-star restaurant and go hang out everywhere but I couldn’t.

I was trying to figure out and I even tried the professional networking hoping I could get something. But it was a failed moment. Meanwhile, in a coffee shop. I was staring at the door and then my phone vibrated at first I didn’t want to read the notification. I was thinking it was a BS and continued the way I wanted that time. Until I read the review about landing interviews guaranteed from my friend who shared a link. To tell you the truth I didn’t want to read at first but I decided to give it a try until I’ve got an initial phone interview. I was just amazed because I didn’t expect that I could answer those questions easily. Well, so much unexpected moment when the interviewer threw me so many questions but I answered them easily. It was hard that time if you have nothing, fund, and anything. I feel very happy now especially when I’ve got a job. I’m very thankful for the article that I read because it gives me a good opportunity and a very good success now.

I’m having a good life now. Enjoying my life with family and friends. I have a car that I can use whenever I want to go. I can afford anything. Hmmm not all but most.